Dear Keith,

I am writing this letter to express my  appreciaton to you , and all the staff at Sayville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

You all provided such care and compassionate care to the Love of my life Dennis.

I remember that day so well ! Dennis got there before I did and when I walked into the room ,there was Dennis very comfortable in bed ,  Kathy  Itzkowitz standing by his side. Cheryl  O’Neil  was at the other side making Dennis comfortable and then Keith you walked into room all welcomed me and Dennis . I was so impressed. You all make an awesome team! I will and have done recommended Sayville Nursing and Rehab center to many people!

It provided me great comfort to now that Dennis was receiving superb care in a clean and welcoming environment , I also knew right there and then, that God chose the right place for Dennis. Also the administrator Robbin Digregorio came into room to welcome us! So impressive! I would like to thank Kathy Itzkowitz , who is a very special person . I want Kathy to know that her work is acknowledged and appreciated. Kathy goes above and beyond as you can see by her staff! I feel Kathy you need to be commended for your awesome staff. Thank you Kathy! I would also like to thank Cheryl O’Neil , Wound Care Nurse , she was so compassionate towards Dennis and his care! Made sure he was turned and positioned by staff!  The day you came in on day off and popped into to see how Dennis was doing. That is dedication !Thank you Cheryl! Keith Powers you also went above and beyond! Your kindness towards myself and my family will never be forgotten.You came in to room so many times to check if we needed anything! You all went that extra mile!

Dennis was taken care and being watched by so many special people , I would to acknowledge them also…

Jackie Donnelly….Whenever I came to ask a question, you never hesitated with an answer , you came into to the room to check to make sure Dennis was comfortable. You went an extra mile. Thanks Jackie!

There was a nurse called Dawn! Who was so loving and compassionate! Took her job to the extreme! Thank you Dawn!

Erica LPN and Rhina LPN..Who both also went above and beyond ! Both nurses showed care and compassion to Dennis and my family! Thank you Erica and Rhina!

Matt the speech therapist. Never missed a day in helping and coming into Dennis’s room. Checking daily. Thanks Matt!

Sean .Who works in kitchen came in everyday to ask if I needed anything like coffee or something to eat! Thanks Sean!

Tanisha the CNA.  Always came into room with her big smile which brightened up the room. Always went that extra mile in her care for Dennis or would just pop in to see if I needed anything! Thanks Tanisha.

Tamara the CNA. This young lady also took great care of Dennis! Whenever I asked her for something she never hesitated and went and got it for me! She kept Dennis comfortable and great  nursing care! Thanks Tamara!

Felipe CNA. The dedication and care this man gave to Dennis! I never had to worry if he was being taking care of..Felipe changed him , shaved him brushed hair and teeth and turned him every two hours! Felipe was so wonderful took the time to ask if I need anything!  His care was phenomenal .Thank you Felipe!

Forgive me if I left anyone out! All departments I would like thank all of you from the kitchen staff, housekeeping, recreation , social workers, business office and all Nursing and administration staff.. the receptionist at front desk greeted me with such compassion the first day of my arrival!Thank you all so much for making our stay comfortable.

It has been about six weeks now since Dennis went home to be with the Lord. So I would like to take this time to thank all the staff for their professionalism, personal hygiene , universal precaution, great attitudes and gave privacy when needed!

Words cannot express the respect and admiration I have for you all! I thank you all for your patience, love  and understanding towards my husband Dennis who so needed it especially through the last days of his life. Health care workers don’t always get the recognition they deserve! So I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart!

With much love


Pearl Kennedy